"Haye Mada Bhari Akhi" - Romantic rendition of  Odia Classic by Sambit 

Song Description - Haye Mada Bhari Akhi

Looking to immerse yourself in a romantic journey with a classic Odia song? Look no further than Sambit Dash's re-imagined version of "Haye Mada Bhari Akhi" from the movie Kie Kahara, produced by SamNsan Music Productions. Originally sung by Shyamal Mitra and featured in the iconic Odia classic film, Kie Kahara, this timeless melody has been given a fresh new sound by Sambit Dash, Sandeep Dash, and penned by Parthasarathi Mohapatra.

Sing along with on-screen lyrics and transcripts to understand the meaning of the lyrics. Sambit Dash's romantic rendition, accompanied by his re-imagined instrumentation featuring Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums, will surely take you on a romantic journey.

As a fan of Odia video songs and movie songs, you can't miss out on this updated take on one of the most beloved tracks from Kie Kahara. Check out this re-imagined classic from SamNsan Music Productions today!

Song Info

➡️ Video Premier on - 26th Nov 2022

➡️ Title  -  "Haye Mada Bhari Akhi" - Romantic rendition of  Odia Classic by Sambit 

➡️ Genre - Odia Song, Reprise Cover

➡️ Language -  Odia

➡️ Recorded on - 22nd Nov 2022

➡️ Mixed and Mastered At Studio of samNsan Music Productions 


➡️ Original Singer - Shyamal Mitra

➡️ Original Composer -Akshaya Mohanty

➡️ Lyrics By  -  Parthasarathi Mohapatra

➡️ Performing Singer - Sambit Dash

➡️ Camera & video - Sambit Dash

➡️ Video Editing & post productions - Sambit Dash 

Lyrics - In Odia

 ଭଲ ପାଏ ବୋଲି ସିଏ 

 ଯଦି ଯାଏ ମିଛ କହି

 ମିଛ ସତ ପରଖିବା 

 ଛାତି ମୋ ଆଉ ନାହିଁ 

 ମୁ ତ ଜାଣେ

 ମନେ ମନେ

 ସେତ ବସେ ସବୁ ଦିନେ 

 ମୋ ଲାଗି ଜାଗର ଜାଳି 

 ହାଏ ମଦ ଭରି ଆଖି 

 ଗଲା ଇଶାରା ରେ ଡାକି

ଇଶାରା ର ଭରଷା ରେ

ସବୁ ତ ଆସିଲି ତେଜି 

ମୋତେ ଯଦି ଦିଏ ଫାଂକି 

ଦୁଃଖ ଆଉ ନାହିଁ ଆଜି 

ମୁଁ ତ ଥିବି 

 ଦେଖୁ ଥିବି

ସପନ ରେ ତାର ଛବି 

ପୀୟୂଷେ ଜହର ଭରି 

ହାଏ ମଦ ଭାରି ଆଖି

ଗଲା ଇଶାରା ରେ ଡାକି

  ହଁ ମୁଁ ଯିବି 

 ହଁ ହଁ ଯିବି ଏଇ 

ନୀଳ ନୀଳ ଲହରୀରେ 

 ଝୁଲି ଝୁଲି  

 ଝୁଲି ଝୁଲି  

 ଝୁଲି ଝୁଲି  

 ଯିବି ଏ  ଦୁନିଆ ଭୁଲି 

 ଯିବି ଏ  ଦୁନିଆ ଭୁଲି 

 ହାଏ ମଦ ଭରି ଆଖି 

 ଗଲା ଇଶାରା ରେ ଡାକି ...

 ହାଏ ମଦ ଭରି ଆଖି 

Lyrics - Translation in English

(just because she ) loves

if she tells me lie (then),

to differentiate between truth and lie

I do not have the heart now

(but) I know

in my heart

she waits every day

for me lighting her candles

oh, those wine filled eyes

called me with gestures ( hint )

Trusting those gestures

I came leaving everything

if she cheats me

I will not have the sorrow today

I will  remain

watching her

picture in dreams

drinking poison (alchohol)

oh those wine filled eyes

called me in gesture ( hint )

Yes, I will go

surely I will go in those

blue waves

swinging, swinging

swinging, swinging

swinging and swinging

forgetting this world

( yes) forgetting this world

Oh those wine filed eyes

called me in gesture ( hint )