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Song Info

➡️ Premiered on - 1st January 2021

➡️ Title - Udaan

➡️ Genre - Contemporary (Motivational)

➡️ Language - Hindi ( ଓଡ଼ିଆ )

➡️ Recorded on -15th Nov 2020

➡️ Recorded at - Home studio of Sambit Dash


➡️ Song writer/ Composer & Music - Sambit Dash

➡️ Music Director & Producers - Sambit Dash & Sandeep Dash

➡️ Words given by (Lyrics Writer) - Sandeep Dash

➡️ Singer - Anushka Dash & Sandeep Dash

➡️ Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Sambit Dash

➡️ Programmed by - Sambit Dash

➡️ Videography & Post Productions - Sambit Dash

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ऊंचे पर्बतों के दरमियान

[ Among the heights of the mountains ]

ठहेर गया है आजतो आसमाँ

[ The sky has stopped today ]

दिल मुरझा गया है कयूँ

[ Why is the heart sad ]

बिन बारिश भीगा व कयूँ

[ Without rain why is it wet ]

कुछ कर जाना है तो गीले छोड़दे उड़ जा युँ

[ Fly, Leave all worries, if you wanna do some ]

खिले खिले धूप है खिला है आसमाँ

[ Sun is shining, open is the Sky ]

खिले खिले वादिया खिला है ये जहाँन

[ Colored are the valleys, open is the World ]

आज अपने मंज़िल को तु हाथों लेले अपने युँ

[ Take the destiny into your hands today ]

दुनीया में जिना है शिक़वे छोड़दे प्यारसे तु

[ Leave all complaints should you wish to live in this World ]

हौले हौले चलि है हवा जाने कहाॅं

[ Wind is blowing, unsure of its path ]

छुक छुक करती गाडि चलि है आज कहाॅं

[ Train is moving, unsure of its destination today ]

बेवसी की दुनियाको छोड़के कहीं आ जा तु

[ Leave the world of helplessness and come ]

जिनदगी की दस्तक को तु सुनले मुड़के युँ

[ Turn and listen to the Fortune's knock ]