"Jhumi Jhumi Ase Akhi"  by Sambit Dash 

Song Description - Jhumi Jhumi Ase Akhi

Experience the magic of "Jhumi Jhumi Ase Akhi" by Sambit Dash, a mesmerizing Odia song that transports you back to the golden era of Odia music. Originally sung by the legendary Akhay Mohanty, this old Odia song has been beautifully recreated with a modern vibe by Sambit Dash, a rising star in the Odia music industry.

In this stunning Odia video song, Sambit's jazzy voice captures the essence of the song's lyrics, which tell the story of a woman (stree) trying to get back her husband. The music, arranged by Sambit Dash of Samnsan Music Productions, perfectly complements his vocals, creating a magical experience that will make you hit replay again and again.

The lyrics, "Jhumi Jhumi Ase Akhi," meaning "Eyes are swinging",  perfectly captures the sentiments of the song. Interestingly, Akhay Mohanty, a leading composer in Odia music, wrote the lyrics but did not compose the music.

This duet song has been transformed into a storytelling format with a singular voice. You being a fan of Odia album songs, Odia new songs, Odia film songs, Odia dj songs, Odia romantic songs, or Odia bhajan songs, this beautiful Odia music video is not to be missed. Sit back, relax and let the mesmerizing vocals of Sambit Dash take you on a journey that you will not soon forget.

Those who want to sing along this video provides both on-screen lyrics and transcripts to understand the meaning of the song. Don't miss out on this mesmerizing rendition of "Jhumi Jhumi Ase Akhi" by Sambit Dash.

Song Info

➡️ Video Premier on - 06th Jan 2023

➡️ Title  -  ଝୁମି ଝୁମି ଆସେ ଆଖି  ( Jhumi Jhumi Ase Akhi )

➡️ Genre - Odia Song , Reprise Cover

➡️ Language -  Odia

➡️ Recorded on - 04th Dec 2023

➡️ Mixed and Mastered At Studio of samNsan Music Productions ( @manaragita )


➡️ Performing Singer - Sambit Dash

➡️ Original Composer - Sri Kumar

➡️ Reprised Music - Sambit Dash

➡️ Lyrics By  -  Akhaya Mohanty

➡️ Camera & video - Sambit Dash

➡️ Video Editing & post productions - Sambit Dash 

Lyrics- In Odia

ଅନେକ ତାରା

ଆକାଶ ସାରା 

କିଏ ବା କାହାର ସାଥି 

ଦିନ ର ବୁକେ 

ସବୁ ତା ହଜେ 

ସରିଲେ ରାତି ର ଗୀତି 

ପାଏନା ଖୋଜି 

ସକାଳେ କାରେ 

ମରେ ସେ ଡାକି ଡାକି 

ଆଖି ଯାଏ ମୋର ଥକି 

ଝୁମି ଝୁମି ଆସେ ଆଖି ...

ଅନେକ ଜଳି 

ଅନେକ ଖେଳି 

ପାଇଛି ଆଜି ଖୋଜି 

ଜୀବନ ତାର କରଜ ସିନା 

ହେବନି କେବେ ସୁଝି 

ସେଇଠି ପାଇଁ 

ସପନ ହାତେ 

ଦେଇଛି ତାକୁ ବିକି 

ଜହ୍ନ ଏକ ତାର ସାକ୍ଷୀ 

ଝୁମି ଝୁମି ଆସେ ଆଖି 

ସପନ ଭରା ଜୀବନେ ତାର

ସପନ ଭରା ଜୀବନେ ତାର 

ରାତି ଆଉ କେତେ ବାକି 

ଝୁମି ଝୁମି ଆସେ ଆଖି...

Lyrics- Translation in English

So many stars

in the sky

Who is who's companion...

On the heart of the day

Everything is lost

as the song of the night ends.

(she) can not find (Him)

till the morning

(she) can not find (Him)

till the morning

( She ) has been dying calling him..

Her eyes are getting tired...

The eyes are getting swung and blinking

After lot of heart burns

After lot of (mischivios ) play

she found (him) today

Her life is a debt which

can not be paid back

For that reason

in the hands of dreams,

For that reason

in the hands of dreams,

( he ) has sold her

The moon is the only witness..

Eyes are getting swing and blinking


life of her

How much longer the night is?

Eyes are getting swung and blinking..

Eyes are getting swung and blinking.....

Eyes are getting swung and blinking..